Friends of Gables High is a not-for-profit volunteer board made up of Gables alumni and community leaders that care deeply for Gables High, its students, and our community. Our primary goal is to help the student excel in academics, athletics, and the arts in a state-of-the-art facility that will benefit the students and the Coral Gables community. 

A thriving Gables High will be in high demand from students in Coral Gables and beyond. As more residents decide to attend and local businesses recognize the incredible resources available at the school, Gables High will help drive economic development and residential values in the City Beautiful. 

Following Miami-Dade School Board’s recent and ongoing investment of nearly 45 million dollars into the buildings and infrastructure, the Gables High Endowment will supplement the County’s commitment. The Friends board has seeded the Gables High Endowment with $50,000. As we build the Endowment toward our initial goal of 5 million dollars, we will spend the investment returns on key long-term initiatives and ensure excellence for the students’ experience in academics, athletics, and arts. 

First, we will supplement the recent renovations made by the School Board. The performing arts center is in need of significant upgrades, and the athletic fields present a great opportunity for our community to invest and benefit the students and surrounding neighborhoods with park space. Gables High sits at a primary entrance to our downtown community, and the external design and appearance is the first impression to residents and visitors alike. Working with the City leaders, surrounding community residents, and the athletic department, we will create a space worthy of the past and current Cavalier champions. 

Second, faculty and student groups may present grant requests to the Friends Board for specific programs and opportunities in academics, athletics, or arts. Students and faculty will have access to resources to make Gables High a leader in secondary education, to help its students excel in athletics and the arts, and a destination school for students in Coral Gables and beyond. 

A thriving public education system is vital to every community. We need to finish the job the School Board started to make Gables High academic facilities and the athletic fields shining examples of how our community values education and our youth. A cutting-edge educational facility with renovated athletic fields and park space will be a tremendous draw to business recruitment and development and drive residential values. 

Your gift will be secure as the Gables High Endowment Fund is managed by the Coral Gables Community Foundation and invested in alignment with other similarly managed endowments. With your generous contributions, we will build the Endowment principle towards its initial goal of 5 million dollars. You may dedicate your donation to the general fund, or you may specify your gift to benefit either academics, athletics, or the arts. As the endowment grows, the investment returns will benefit generations of students and our community for years to come. 

Make a difference in the lives of thousands of deserving students and help our community thrive by making your donation today.