Friends of Gables

Friends of Gables a non-profit organization created to aid in both the academic and aesthetic maintenance of Gables.

Who Are We?

Friends of Gables High is a non-profit comprised on alumni, parents of students, and community members and leaders, with a current board of 19 members. We share a common bond: We care about the Cavaliers and the future of Coral Gables Senior High.

Restoring Gables

Friends of Gables is actively working on restoring Gables’ historic status as a top rated school. At one point, Gables was amongst the top ten public schools in the nation, yet with the emergence of more public, private, and charter high schools maintaining this title has proven difficult. Nonetheless, the academics at Gables remain strong, if not stronger than when it doors opened in 1950. Friends of Gables High will endeavor to have the school recognized nationally once again for its academic programs.

Administration Priorities

Friends of Gables High will advocate on behalf of the school for additional funding as deemed appropriate and necessary, such as in the case of a new band building. We will also be vocal on educational issues, as well as tout the school’s great qualities in an effort to change any negative narrative about the school.

Supporting students

Friends of Gables High will have regular get-togethers and events to connect alumni and the community to the school. We will maintain a website with up to date information regarding the school and alumni activity. We will send out a newsletter 3-4 times a year to keep Friends of Gables High members in the loop as to what we are doing, what we have achieved, and what our goals are as time goes on.

Calling all Future cavaliers

Nowadays, prospective students and parents have much more freedom when choosing from the variety of high schools present in the Miami-Dade County area. Nonetheless, Gables still remains a force to be reckoned with; a new state-of-the-art building, dedicated leadership, nationally recognized academies, and award winning programs are just a few of the things that set Gables out from the crowd. Friends of Gables will work diligently in efforts of reaching out to the community to ensure they are up-to-date with all of the school’s many accomplishments.

FOGH Officers

Tom Parker


Jackie Kellogg

Vice Chair

Kevin Mase


Sadia Raja, Pharm.D

Board Member

Jack Lowell


Meet the board

Darrell Payne, Esq.

Board Member

June Thomson Morris

Board Member

Barbra Hayes Harley

Board Member

Brett Gillis, Pharm D.

Board Member

Aleida Martinez-Molina, Esq.

Board Member

Susan Corrigan

Board Member

Jill Kramer

Board Member

Jeannette Slesnick

Board Member


Board Member

Lon Dowlen, M.D.

Board Member

Clinton Payne, Esq.

Board Member

Richard Ebsary

Board Member

Rosanna Hoff Karpiak

Board Member

Antonio Paz

Board Member

Bertha Lopez Lowell

Board Member

Carl L. Prime

Board Member

Stuart Grossman, Esq.

Board Member

Kimberly McGrath

Board Member

Laura Horton, Esq.

Board Member

Bill Kotys

Board Member

Samuel Joseph

Coral Gables School Relations, Committee Board Rep.

Mary Snow Tellam

Coral Gables Community Foundation, President & CEO

Ana Suarez

Coral Gables Sr. High School Representative, Director of Student Activities